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Emotionally or Verbally Abused Assessment

Am I being emotionally or verbally abused?

Most people recognize the signs of physical or sexual abuse, but many of the signs of emotional or verbal abuse are much less obvious. Victims are often so 'worn down' they do not recognize the abuse. This assessment is designed to teach the signs of emotional or verbal abuse by a family member (partner, parent, or child), but emotional or verbal abuse can be inflicted by a boss, co-worker, care-giver, or anyone who controls an important part of your life.Answer these few questions to learn more about the signs of emotional or verbal abuse and help you determine if you may be a victim.

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Jen   I feel emotionally abused by my father. Everytime I say something stupid, like in a moment of anger, or refuse to follow through on a direct order, he abandons me at home or in some store parking lot-WHEN HE IS MY ONLY RIDE. Especially irritating when my car is unavalible. And I'm 23, I feel stuck living at home, but where else can I go? I have no job or source of income to save for a place of my own. - 5/3/2015 4:49:49 PM

Angelique   I get emotionally and verbally abused by my Dad for years. I am 22 now and he still hurts me. I never feel good enough or worthy enough. He constantly puts me down. He hit me in the face when I was 19 years old. I feel insecure and unsure of myself. - 12/30/2014 5:58:57 PM

Julie   My elderly father is emotionally abusive to me and I'm his main care giver. He lived with me a while going through a divorce caused by his anger issues (which he denies he has). I think he has some dementia on top of it all. He makes sure before I leave seeing him that he makes me mad before I leave, demanding something that he knows I can't help him with. He keeps calling the sheriff on me and my husband because we won't bring him a battery charger to start his truck. I won't let him drive (it's not safe for him and especially for others). My friends (and husband) tell me to be done with him but none of my brothers or sisters will take on the responsibility. He has skin cancer and other health issues and if I don't help, he will NOT get the care he needs. It's so mentally exhausting. What to do?? - 12/29/2014 2:08:37 PM

Duncan   My brother drinks. When he is drunk he often times get violent with himself and sometimes things. He threatens me. I get very frightened. I can defend myself, but I feel that would lead to consequences to my nephew. I live in fear that he will leave and take him with him. I also don't want him to leave. I love him, he's my brother. I feel trapped. - 8/6/2014 5:36:47 PM

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